About the authors

We’ve built and run workshops covering every type of audience: executives, undergrads, MBAs, disadvantaged youths, busy professionals, and more. We’ve designed everything from 20-minute teasers to 3-month intensives, in locations ranging from Costa Rica and Qatar through to London and Berlin. We’ve taught for companies like HP and Deloitte and for universities like Oxford and NYU. We’ve built workshops for every price point, from free upskilling (paid for by the state or employer) through to £3000-per-seat executive education. We’ve taught casual events, with beer in hand and flip-flop on foot, through to formal, posh affairs with glitzy venues and high-end catering.

Perhaps most importantly, we can teach you how to do this. And you don’t need to turn into some kind of charismatic superstar in order for it to work. In fact, you don’t even need to be particularly confident. You just need to know how to design a good workshop. We’ve trained teachers up from scratch who are now billing north of £2000 per day, and who are getting invited back to teach again and again. This stuff isn’t complicated. You can learn it, and you can do it.

Rob Fitzpatrick

Teaches early-stage startups, with a focus on how get honest customer feedback when everyone is lying to you (which is also the subject of his first book, The Mom Test). Rob blogs at The Startup Toolkit and lives in Barcelona.

His favourite teaching moments are when you finally find that magic metaphor or demonstration which makes a complicated and abstract concept feel natural and memorable.

Devin Hunt

Teaches a wide range of topics for mid-stage entrepreneurs, with a focus on product design and skill-building for executive teams. Cofounder of Lyst, one of Europe’s top tech startups. Devin shares his writing at hailpixel.com and lives in London.

His favourite moment in a workshop is when you’ve delivered so much value to an audience that they’ve completely set aside their skepticism, are up for anything, and are practically jumping out of their seats to try it for themselves.


We’ve found teaching to be both hugely rewarding and also a deep, interesting skill to study and improve.

We also believe we can make it feel a whole lot less mysterious and less scary for you. And once we do, we hope you’ll find yourself enjoying teaching just much as we do.

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